Home gardeners want great gardens the eco friendly way and it must be as easy as possible to achieve. As they do not generally do soil testing, they can’t be expected to know what excesses and deficiencies are in their soils. Our general purpose gardening range of products are basal, broard spectrum fertilisers that will deliver great results in nearly all soil types.

Start with Organic Link, each season, in the soil and a regular watering in with Triple Boost. These will give most gardens an excellent lift but remember; plants are like us and require a variety of food . Our easy Home Garden Fertiliser Program will keep your gardens looking great all year round.

Check out this short Video on how to grow vegies and discover why Organic Link & Triple Boost is great for you whole garden. Duration 6 mins


 Testimonial :In April of 2004 we were to open our garden with Australia’s Open Garden Scheme

and a couple of months prior to this I felt the garden was not growing the way
I had anticipated so I began the Plant of Health program of fertilizing


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