Hose N Fert - Kit 1 Std

Hose N Fert - The Worlds easiest way to apply Liquid fertiliser
The simple device that
connects to your tap……
…. for easy fertilising.


HOSE n FERT™ simply fits on your tap and draws a concentrated solution from a bucket through a flexible suction tube and then dilutes it with the passing water stream at an approximate ratio of 15 parts water to 1 part concentrated solution.

Fertilise as you hose.

  • Requires minimum 11 litres per minute water flow at minimum 35 psi. Town water exceeds this.
  • Maximum hose length after HOSE n FERT™ is 15 metres.
  • You must use the high flow nozzle supplied in the kit on the end of your hose
  • Standard kit includes:- 1 x Hose n Fert,1 x high flow nozzle, 1x click on adapter,1 x instruction sheet, 1 x clip
  • Can be used to join two hoses for extra length.
  • Watch video
  • Download Brochure




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