Natra-Fish Liquid Fish Fertiliser 1L Concentrate

Fish has been used as a fertiliser & soil conditioner since the dawn of time and Natra-Fish™ is a 100% organic product made from fish frames of sustainable fishing of deep sea fish. The broard spectrum nutrition give plants a natural boost and promotes microbe & earthworm activity. Excellent for soil detox & as a wetter sticker.



One of the world’s highest natural nitrogen analysis, natural fish fertiliser containing amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macronutrients and a vast army of mineral compounds. Natra-Fish made from fish frames of sustainable fishing sourced from the cool, deep waters off New Zealand. Super plant and microbe stimulant.

Our Liquid fish concentrate contains 45-55% fish solids, principally derived from the by products, heads and fins of various, high protein species. This fish fertiliser has the highest natural nitrogen of any fish product (around 6%) and up to five times higher trace element levels than any other fish emulsions. 25 kilograms of fish frames are used to make 1 litre of this powerful concentrate. Fish inputs are a regular necessity for almost all types of biological growing environments and our 100% organic liquid fish is free from impurities. Plant health assist & soil conditioning are excellent benefits alone but the true value is in the microbial support. Nearly all our custom fertiliser programs include the use of fish at some stage of the process. Evidence of the benefits are clear, from subsequent soil testing. Our 100% organic liquid fish is even being utilised as a component in aquarium fish food.


--Easy, convenient application

-- Suitable for organic growing

-- Exceptionally high natural nitrogen levels

-- Supports root development

-- May increase yields and shelf life

-- Triggers growth and sustains the soil

-- Naturally balanced minerals, vitamins, oils proteins, amino acids and trace elements.

-- Supports earthworms and micro organisms

-- Use on its own or as part of a fertiliser program

-- Improves Quality of Plants and Soil

-- Excellent as soil detox



Fertigation or Boomspray

Small Crops:- 10 – 25 Litre Per Hectare

Orchards:- 30 – 70 Litres per Hectare

Broadacre :- Boomspray at 10 Litres per Hectare


Small Crops:- 5 – 7 Litre Per Hectare

Orchards:- 7 – 10 Litres per Hectare

Broad acre:- 3 - 5 Litres per Hectare 30 days germination and just prior to flowering


Apply till Runoff or plant coverage

Dilution Rates

Foliar:- 1:100 10mL per 1 Litre water

Larger Areas:- Add 500 mL to a clean 2 Litre hose on applicator, top with water and apply evenly to soil. Treats up to 500 square metres. Apply fortnightly or when required.

Ground:- 1:20

Aerial :- 1:1

Soak Seedlings :- 1:200 solution 5mL per 1 Litre Water

Tip:- Add PlantofHealth Neem Plant Spray for enhanced results.Note:-.SPRAY IN THE COOL OF THE DAY. STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE. AVOID CONTACT WITH DIRECT SUN All recommendations are provided as general advice only. As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application, weather, soil or plant conditions, the buyer assumes responsibility for the use of any Plant of Health products

Nitrogen 6.55% Potassium 1.2%
Phosphorous 0.76% Iron 187 ppm
Calcium 307 ppm Phosphorus 0.76%
Manganese 1.3 ppm Zinc 10.3 ppm
Copper 2.47 ppm Sulphur 0.54%
Sodium 0.45% Chlorine 1.3%
Magnesium 700 ppm Boron



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