Micro-Sil 5L Concentrate

Micro-Sil is a quick easy way of providing silica to ensure plants and crops have luxury levels of silica for excellent health, vitality, strength fruit quality and production.

“PLANT of HEALTH” Micro-Sil Silica rich biologically enhanced liquid diatomaceous earth Silica is another word for Silicon and, in plants, it is present in amounts equivalent to, or higher than, elements like Calcium, Magnesium or Phosphorus. This is interesting as Silica is rarely written about in publications and its important role in plant nutrition is now being researched more and more. Recent experiments show that plants deprived of Silica are structurally weaker, more prone to pest and disease attack, and are more susceptible to heavy metal and salt toxicities among other things. Silica, in rocks, commonly occurs as the mineral quartz and in the soil it exists in 3 forms: reactive, colloidal & suspended particles (ie sand). Most, however, is not available to plants. Micro-Sil is derived from ground up diatomaceous earth which is the remains of silica rich single celled marine animals and algae. This form is easily dissolved and taken up by plants. Once Silica is incorporated into a cell of a plant it is immobile and cannot be redistributed around the plant, therefore if all tissues are to benefit from its presence, it needs to be in constant supply. Furthermore Micro-Sil includes boron which helps in the translocation of sugars produced by photosynthesis to the roots of the plant. Micro-Sil is a quick easy way of providing silica to ensure plants and crops have luxury levels of silica for excellent health, vitality fruit quality and production. Micronising is the grinding down of the DE to under 5 microns in size which enables the mineral component to become available within days. Micro-Sil is excellent for providing a regular silica source in light, sandy soil and is essential in high production horticulture where Silica is removed on a regular basis. Regular use of Micro-Sil ensures a constant supply to all your plants and vegies and should be used in addition to your usual fertilising programs. BENEFITS -- Easy, convenient application, fast uptake -- Assists Growth, Flowering, Fruit count, -- May improve leaf presentation, colour and shelf life. Raises brix levels. -- May make plants physically tougher – tough plants are more resistant to pest and fungal attack -- Reduced transplant and wilting loss -- Reduced frost and heat damage -- Reduced damage from soil toxins and salinity -- Suitable for nearly all plants, vegies, turf, pastures.

Note:-Trial on acid loving plants first.



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