FRUIT & VEGIE Triple Boost 5L Concentrate

A special blend of Triple Boost 10N 10P 10K specifically designed for Fruit & Veggie Growing.
Domestic or Commercial

Triple Boost takes conventional, reactive 10N-10P-10K fertilser and blend it with organic compounds extracted from fish, and earthworm exudates to give you a product that has enormous plant nutrition, coupled with minimal leaching and excellent up take. The organic compounds buffer the NPK and support soil fertility, while a range of natural growth hormones delivers complete nutrition to the plant. Seaweed is added for plant strength and fungal resistance with Triacontanol, an extract from bees wax, is a powerful photosynthesis enhancer. Added Trace Elements ensures luxury uptake of minerals maintaining mineral balance and plant health. This product is used by rose growers and rose gardeners. BENEFITS -- Easy, convenient application -- Strengthens cell walls. Strong cell walls play a key roll in resisting insect and fungal attack. -- Healthy Vigorous Growth -- Cost effective -- Substantial Root Mass Increase -- Rich, green, healthy appearance -- Increased yield and Shelf Life -- Ideal for Roses and Flowers -- Excellent for plants in poor soils or potting mix. APPLICATION RATES:- SHAKE or STIR WELL BEFORE USE “ADD A DASH” When watering to boost Plants. DILUTION 1 : 100 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre & spray on. 4 Capfuls (90mL) per 9 Lit watering can and water in. 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre to soak plants or seeds when transplanting 500mL in a 2 Litre empty Hose on Pack, top with water, and hose the whole garden FOLIAR :- 50ml / 100 Sq Met, 5 – 7 Litres / Hectare. APPLY EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS in the cool of the day Available 5L, 20L, Bulk Standard Triple Boost is suitable for domestic or commercial use on all plants, fruit and vegetables, vines, grains, turf and Fruit and Veg Triple Boost is specifically blended for high production growing. Great for use as a stand alone product or in conjuction with Organic Link fertiliser for the soil.



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