ROSE Triple Boost 5L Concentrate

A special blend of Triple Boost 10N 10P 10K specifically designed for ROSES.

Triple Boost takes conventional, reactive 10N-10P-10K fertilser and blend it with organic compounds extracted from fish, and earthworm exudates to give you a product that has enormous plant nutrition, coupled with minimal leaching and excellent up take. The organic compounds buffer the NPK and support soil fertility, while a range of natural growth hormones delivers complete nutrition to the plant. Seaweed is added for plant strength and fungal resistance with Triacontanol, an extract from bees wax, is a powerful photosynthesis enhancer. Added Trace Elements ensures luxury uptake of minerals maintaining mineral balance and plant health. This product is used by rose growers and rose gardeners. BENEFITS -- Easy, convenient application -- Strengthens cell walls. Strong cell walls play a key roll in resisting insect and fungal attack. -- Healthy Vigorous Growth -- Cost effective -- Substantial Root Mass Increase -- Rich, green, healthy appearance -- Increased yield and Shelf Life -- Ideal for Roses and Flowers -- Excellent for plants in poor soils or potting mix. APPLICATION RATES:- SHAKE or STIR WELL BEFORE USE “ADD A DASH” When watering to boost Plants. DILUTION 1 : 100 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre & spray on. 4 Capfuls (90mL) per 9 Lit watering can and water in. 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre to soak plants or seeds when transplanting 500mL in a 2 Litre empty Hose on Pack, top with water, and hose the whole garden APPLY EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS in the cool of the day Available 5L, 20L, Bulk Great for use as a stand alone product or in conjuction with Organic Link fertiliser for the soil.



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