Triple Boost 500mL Concentrate

Triple Boost 10N 2P 6K is the general purpose liquid fertiliser containing Worm, Fish and Seaweed for the whole garden. Indoor and Outdoors

A sophisticated “All Purpose” fertiliser designed specifically for ALL Plants, Natives, Vegies, Seedlings, Palms and Turf. – Indoors and Outdoors. BENEFITS Easy Application for Healthy Vigorous growth For Plants, Vegies, Palms Seedlings, Natives, Lawns, Roses , virtually……all Plants. Rich Green Leaf Appearance - Increase Stress Resistance - Cleaner, disease free plants - Great For Transplanting. Indoors – Outdoors. All the best from Worms, Seaweed, Fish and Nature in one product. Great for use as a stand alone product or in conjuction with Organic Link fertiliser for the soil. CONTAINS:- • Buffered NPK • Liquid Vermicast • Liquid Seaweed • Humic and Fulvic Acid • Liquid Fish • Trace Elements • Triacontanol- Natural Growth Stimulant • Vitamins C, E and B. APPLICATION RATES:- SHAKE or STIR WELL BEFORE USE “ADD A DASH” When watering to boost Plants. DILUTION 1 : 100. 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre & spray on. 4 Capfuls (90mL) per 9 Lit watering can and water in. 2 Teaspoons (10mL) per Litre to soak plants or seeds when transplanting. Add 500mL in a 2 Litre empty Hose on Pack, top with water, and hose the whole garden. APPLY EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS in the cool of the day. Available 500mL, 1L, 5L, 20L, Bulk - COMMERCIAL BLENDS AVAILABLE

Check out this short Video on how to grow vegies and discover why Organic Link & Triple Boost is great for you whole garden. Duration 6 mins



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