Triple Boost Pre Mixed Spray 500mL

Triple Boost is the general purpose liquid fertiliser containing Worm, Fish and Seaweed for the whole garden. Indoor and Outdoors. Our Ready to Use trigger pack is pre mixed ready to spray on plants.

A sophisticated “All Purpose” fertiliser designed specifically for ALL Plants, Natives, Vegies, Seedlings, Palms and Turf. – Indoors and Outdoors. BENEFITS Easy Application for Healthy Vigorous growth For Plants, Vegies, Palms Seedlings, Natives, Lawns, Roses , virtually……all Plants. Rich Green Leaf Appearance - Increase Stress Resistance - Cleaner, disease free plants - Great For Transplanting. Indoors – Outdoors. All the best from Worms, Seaweed, Fish and Nature in one product. Use in conjunction with Organic Link for enormous soil and plant nutrition. CONTAINS:- • Buffered NPK • Liquid Vermicast • Liquid Seaweed • Humic and Fulvic Acid • Liquid Fish • Trace Elements • Triacontanol- Natural Growth Stimulant • Vitamins C, E, B & Selenium



Apply in the cool of the day.

Trial on sensitive plants first.

Foliar:- Apply on foliage til runoff. Reapply fortnightly or, as required, for shiny, healthy plants. Do not spray when flowering.

Should be used in conjunction with a complete fertiliser program.

REUSE CONTAINER:-. Add 5mL of Triple Boost concentrate to this container and top with water.

Check out this short Video on how to grow vegies and discover why Organic Link & Triple Boost is great for you whole garden. Duration 6 mins

NOTE:- All recommendations are provided as general advice only.  As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application, weather, soil or plant conditions we recommend you contact a local agronomist familiar with your circumstances prior to product application. The buyer assumes responsibility for the use of any Plant of Health products.



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