Certificate in Soil Nutrition - Your introduction to a career in Horticulture

A horticulturist can make a real difference to the environment by helping so many people live in and appreciate healthy surroundings. We all know people who have ‘green thumbs’. Maybe you are one of them? Are you someone who just wants a healthy home garden or maybe you want to pursue a career in Horticulture. If so, this course is for you.

Whether you are a professional already working in the industry who wants to know more or just a beginner, having a basic understanding of soil structure and nutrition is the best way to ensuring healthy plants and a wonderful garden.

The course is designed as a foundation course for newcomers to the industry and / or for those with practical experience but no formal qualifications. It is also beneficial to experienced horticulturists that strive for the latest information & techniques on increasing soil fertility & minimising the use of harsh chemicals. Download the course guide! 

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“ I am a Cert 3 horticulturist & for over 10 years have owned and operated a garden care/maintenance business. Recently I completed the online short course, Certificate in Soil Nutrition. I found the course to be extremely beneficial in the all important aspect of identifying soils, their nutritional requirements as well as the various aspects for ensuring healthy gardens. I can now apply my knowledge practically, so my clients see excellent results and are happy with my services.”

Cherylle Allison

Belle Jardin-Qld

Garden Care



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