I have been growing crops sucessfully for years, why should I change the way I grow?

If you are happy and are sucessful in what you are doing then dont change. Many of our clients have come to us after they get to a "trigger" point. That is; they realise they have to change and many have different reasons; their crops are not performing, they have had massive pest or disease attack, their costs are up and their profits are down, they may be ill from chemical abuse over the years or they simply keep seaching to improve their farms. Just understand it costs nothing to pick up the phone and have a chat.

There are infinite ways of growing. Does Plant of Health products work in all situations?

There is no majic potion that works in all situations. The thing is that the priciples of good soil and plant nutrition dont change but the applications and inputs vary infintely. Our job is to work with you to estabish a fertiliser strategy that gives you maximum return for your investment in a sustainable manner for your plants, soil and bank account. So whether you are growing veggies or turf, production nursery or tree farm we can assist in recomendations to improve your crop. We source eco friendly products from around the globe and, if we cant supply an input we will let you know what is required. Having said this many Plant of Health products are general purpose nutrition and they will help in most situations.

I want to grow more sutainably but I have a lot of money invested in my farm and I can afford to change over and risk losing my crop. How do I do this?

This is the thing, you dont make wholesale changes at once or it will be difficult to know what works and what doesnt. Furthermore, it would be nice to think that we could all grow "organically" but in the real world we cant...for instance a broard acre farmer wouldnt be able to keep up with the weeds. However there are always little steps we can take to start the process of becoming more sustainable. All you have to do to start is to decide to pick up the phone!

I look after parks and gardens and I just want some products that will give me healthy plants in a eco friendly manner. I dont understand soil science so I want result the easy way. Can Plant of Health products work for me?

Certainly. Most people and landscapers do not soil test and we have a range of general purpose, broad spectrum products that will give great results. You dont have to have a back ground in soil nutrition....you simply have to take action. Fertile soil is a management of soil mineral balance, soil organic matter and soil boilogy (microbes) and we address these key areas with our broad spectrum products. As the health of the plant is governed by the nutrient in the least supply in the soil our broard spectrum products will take up deficiencies without creating excesses; for a great result. 

 Where do I buy your Products?

Try our Store Locator first. As our head office is based in Queensland, we have independent outlets and distributors thoughout the state and some nationally. Unfortunately our products are not stocked everywhere. We never deny anyone access to our products so ask you local outlet to give us a call if they havent got the product you want. Also you can shop online or contact us for best way to purchase.

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