We can accurately diagnose the current condition of your soil and forward you results and recommendations by POSTING soil samples to the lab. To make things easy for you, send the sample to our office and I will forward it to Environmental Analysis Laboratory with our test requirements. Our agronomists can review the data, put it in an easy to read graph form with recommendations to consider and I always include a booklet with explanations on why we recommended the procedure. This way you can develop a strategy that suits your needs for sustainability year after year. However mineral balancing of soils is only part of an overall program. Please review the following and answer with key points if possible.

  1. To learn how to take a soil sample and where to send your sample, Click here on the (attached sheet.) or  View the Video
  2. We will forward and follow up the lab.
  3. Fax us the following information. (See Attached Sheet) or download in WORD document.

Ø Crop grown on sample block – eg Various species – Tropical Native and Exotic, Turf, Organic Farming etc

Ø Area – Eg 1 full size sports field approx 1.8 Ha

Ø Soil preparation prior to planting

Ø General soil type, slope etc

Ø Crop Stage

Ø Fertiliser history, what applied and when. Current fertiliser programs (If any)

Ø Method/s of application. Eg foliar spray, Broadcast – Equipment available for fertiliser application.

Ø Irrigation technique, fertigate, drip, flood, sprinklers, other

Ø Any crop symptoms

Ø Has the crop recently been sprayed with Nutrients, Fungicides, Pesticides

Ø Any Further information regarding the crop or your personal situation relating to your growing situation. (It is important we know as much about your personal growing situation as possible to help determine a program that works best for you.)

We will email or post the data and our report on the data to you direct.



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