Mineral balancing of soils is only part of an overall program. For the professional grower, testing Leaf Tissue can accurately determine fine tuning of foliar sprays for optimum crop return and / or to make corrections with problem crops. To make things easy for you, send the sample to our office and I will forward it to Environmental Analysis Laboratory with our test requirements. Our agronomists can review the data, put it in an easy to read graph form with recommendations to consider and I always include a booklet with explanations on why we recommended the procedure. Please review the following and answer with key points if possible.

  1. There are many different crops and it is important you take sample of the correct leaves or foliage. (Generally it is the youngest,  fully developed leaves) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific crop procedure.

  2. Send the sample in a paper bag with Sample ID, Paddock Name and Crop Details (main crop to be fertilised, species and variety, if applicable, eg Murcott mandarins) on an external label (tie or stick-on). Please advise if you are organic farming.

  3. Send express post within 24 hours of picking.

  4. We will forward and follow up the lab.



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