The Soil is a living thing and there are literally trillions of animal in every square metre of fertile soil. These animals are easily overlooked in regards to their benefits to plants and health due to the fact that they are unseen by the human eye. Plant of Health Microbial products are an easy way of restoring and maintaining soil biology for maximum nutrient exchange and benefits. Full instructions and education available with any of thes products. Just ask.

Microbe Army Mix - A blend of specifically selected beneficial bacteria to re-establish soil biology. - Freeze dried and must be brewed prior to use

Microbe Brewing Station - The easy way to brew microbes

Root Extender - Mycorrhiza Fungi- Beneficial soil fungi emerging as a key strategy for healthy plants and crops in most applications.

Microbial Probiotic - MPB-1 - The easy way to revitalise dead soil and inoculate soils, compost and plants. Instant living microbes in a concentrated form.



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