Plan, Plan, Plan….you wouldn’t build a house without a plan and your garden design & landscaping job is just as important when it comes to maximising the space, requirements, visual looks, safety and value of the area.


Pro landscapers use our Soil Nutrition Diagnostics service to determine soil excesses and deficiencies as they are aware of the value of soil nutrition in ensuring the plants stay healthy.




Need pro help or a Landscape Designer? The landscape industry body in your area is also a really great place to start:-

 Or.......have it designed by a pro.....


The usage of Plant of Health products is a key component to the success of the gardens we create and we use them in every garden we work on. Our team uses Natra Gypsum, Organic Link Fertiliser, Natra Store 4, Lawn + Turf Fertiliser and Triple Boost Liquid Fertiliser. 

A few photos of our gardens attached.  Thanks, Sean Cherry Landscape Architect

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