Gardening, landscaping & horticulture in general is a key for the upcoming generation to understand the importance of healthy living!

We recognised the need to educate kids on growing veggies about 8 years ago mainly due to the fun I was having with my kids when growing veggies during my years of researching soil nutrition. Anyone that grows their own knows about the many benefits and remarkable taste from home grown veggies using organic farming practices. In fact my kids would only eat broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower that was home grown… matter how we tried to con them, they spat out these particular veggies when we brought them from the store. I never did get to the bottom of that one!

One champion for the cause over the years is Annette McFarlane. I was involved with Annette with quite a few schools over the years with organic soil amendments and we realised it was important to make school gardening as easy as possible.

Plant of Health has tackled the problem head on, at grass roots level; by releasing a School Veggie Kit. The kit makes it easy & fun for teachers to show kids the origin of veggies. Best of all the veggies can be grown at any time of the year with minimal space. The kits are endorsed by Annette and no previus growing experience is necessary. Teach the kids how to test soil pH, germinate seeds, plant veggies and harvest a great organic salad.


These kits are available online from The Organic Fertiliser Shop

Any promotion of this important cause is beneficial for all.




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