Horticulture, landscaping & even Tafe gardening courses are starting to see the benefits of working with the natural processes. Many council parks and gardens including Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Newfarm Park, Rocks Riverside Park, Rossa Park (Gold Coast), Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, Rowden Park (St George) and more have benefited for the use of eco friendly Plant of Health products. Large or small landscaping areas, we can assist you in developing your eco friendly fertiliser program to keep your green areas looking great. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information how we can help improve your park. Our simple to understand training on sustainable soil nutrition will futher enhance the total gardening & landscaping experience.


Hi Guys,

we have been using BatPhone/ Plant of Health products for 7-8 years now andhave found them to be excellent products supported well by Des. His horticultural, environmentally sound practices have helped us to become 95% naturally sustainable. When we started the change from heavy chemical usage to a sustainable approach, people said it would be impossible to maintain a High profile Garden without the use of chemicals. As you saw yesterday the City Botanic Gardens look great and has recovered well from the floods. We used many Plant of Health products : liquid lime, liquid Iron, Liquid ferts - TripleBoost, Neem, Seaweed Extract and Bio Trace. These products balanced the soil and allowed us to replant with confidence knowing we had got the soil chemical make-up correct. When replacing 12 000 sqmts of turf, and 10 000 plants you want to get the soil right the first time. Nice meeting you guys yesterday let's keep in touch, hope this finds you well.

P.S.- Picture of Spring Formal Area Display attached.

Cheers Ed.

Edward Williams

OperationsSupervisor, City Botanic Gardens

Urban Amenities,Green Spaces

Field Services,Brisbane Infrastructure





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