Plant Care - Premium Foliar Treatment for Plants. 1L Concentrate

Plant Care is like a super vitamin tonic for stressed or fruiting plants. It contains proven ingredients including liquid fish proteins, amino acids, vermicast, natural growth stimulents and a special blend of selected herbs and botanical extracts.

 PLANT CARE PREMIUM FOLIAR TREATMENT FOR PLANTS Plants are like us, they need a variety of food for optimum health and PLANT CARE is like a vitamin pill for all plants or when they’re sick or stressed. We are committed to bringing eco-friendly PLANT of HEALTH products and PLANT CARE is a special blend to give plants a boost when they need it the most. Insects attacking your plants? Before reaching for a nasty chemical –Try Plant Care. Insect attack is generally a symptom of a stressed plant and a weekly application of Plant Care will show you how quick plants can recover with the right nutrition. PLANT CARE contains proven ingredients including natural liquid fish proteins, amino acids, liquid vermicast, fulvic acid, natural growth stimulants as well as a special blend of selected herbs and botanical extracts. Brighter healthier plants with glossy healthy foliage...that’s what Plant Care can do. Being a totally natural, non toxic foliar spray, PLANT CARE can be used regularly on all plants and vegies without the fear of NPK overload or plant damage. When we are stressed and undernourished we are prone to infection and disease, and plants are similar in that respect. A regular application of PLANT CARE will demonstrate to you how a stressed plant can recover, as well as show you a healthy plants ability to resist disease and insect attack. BENEFITS -- Easy, convenient application -- Excellent Broad Spectrum nutrition and growth stimulation. -- Can be used frequently; Will not support NPK overload. -- Cost effective -- Can assist the recovery of stressed or insect damaged plants -- For rich, green, healthy appearance -- Safe to use on any plant -- Natural - non toxic. 100% Organic -- Minimum Holding Period 3 Days -- BFA Registered

  • Plants
  • Veggies
  • Lawns
  • Fruit Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Natives
  • Seedlings


Min Dilution 1:200 ie 5mL per 1L of water.

Plants & Fruit Trees:- Foliar spray until runoff. May be used as a root drench. Trial on sensitive plants first. Apply fortnightly or when deficiencies are suspected. Always spray in the cool of the day.

Lawns & Larger Areas:- Add 125mL to a clean 2 Litre hose on applicator, top with water and apply evenly. Notes:-Do not apply during flowering.

NOTE:- All recommendations are provided as general advice only.  As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application, weather, soil or plant conditions we recommend you contact a local agronomist familiar with your circumstances prior to product application. The buyer assumes responsibility for the use of any Plant of Health products



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