Silica & Potash Pre Mixed Spray 500mL

Toughen plants & boost blooms with silica based foliar plant spray.
Silica & Potash are essential for strong healthy blooms and this Ready to Use trigger pack is the easy way to maintain luxury levels.
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Silica is essential for plant strength which is a key for minimising disease and pest attack. As Silica is not readily transported in plants, regular applications are best. Added potash is essential for roots, shoots and blooms.

  • Helps Flowering, Fruit & Root development
  • Improves colour and appearance
  • Makes Plants Physically Tougher
  • Reduces Transplant Shock
  • Reduces Heat and Frost Stress
  • Make flowers and foliage “stand-up “ better.
    • Roses
    • Natives & Exotics
    • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Plants & Shrubs
    • Orchids



    Apply in the cool of the day.

    Trial on sensitive plants first.

    Foliar:- Apply on foliage til runoff. Reapply fortnightly or, as required, for healthy, strong plants. Do not spray when flowering.

    Should be used in conjunction with a complete fertiliser program.

    Notes:- pH >9 Alkaline. Avoid contact with skin. Trial on acid loving plants first.

    REUSE CONTAINER:-. Add 5mL of Silica & Potash concentrate to this container and top with water.

  • NOTE:- All recommendations are provided as general advice only.  As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application, weather, soil or plant conditions we recommend you contact a local agronomist familiar with your circumstances prior to product application. The buyer assumes responsibility for the use of any Plant of Health products.



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