Natra-Store 4 Water Saver Granules 1Kg

Could Natra-Store4 Water absorbing granules be the most simple and effective product of its type on the market? Take a look at what we done here for dry, sandy soils and pots.

“PLANT of HEALTH” NATRA-STORE 4 PREMIUM GRADE INPUT FOR WATER PENETRATION,RETENSION & CONDITIONING Could Natra-Store4 Water absorbing granules be the most simple and effective product of its type on the market? Lets look how we formulated a sophisticated product to make water penetration and retention easy. We have mixed super absorbent organic compounds that hold many times their own weight in water with the mineral zeolite that, not only holds water but also houses beneficial microbes and nutrients. Add some super absorbent water crystals that also contain potash to help with root and shoot development. Plant derived saponins are natural extracts that break down water surface tensions for penetration into dry, hydrophobic soils, mulch and potting mediums. Last, and not lest, Kelp is added to hold water, condition soil and reduce plant stress. Natra-Store4 is brilliant as it holds water, conditions soil and potting mix as well as retaining beneficial microbes, fertiliser and nutrient at root level where it’s required the most. You can use Natra-Store4 on all plants & it is very easy to apply. Simply poke holes towards root area of plants fill with Natra-Store4 at the recommended rate & soak to charge. Natra-Store4 can also be added to soil and potting mix and is ideal for large areas and turf. Rake deeply into hydrophobic mulch to assist penetration and water storage. BENEFITS -- Easy, convenient application -- Cost effective- Bulk amounts Available -- 4 Products in One -- No more Dry Spots - Conditions soil and plants -- Increased water and Fertiliser effectiveness -- Excellent medium for laying TURF -- Organic compounds assist in root development. -- Ideal for pots or soils, all plants and vegies Application:- Pots:- Mix with potting mix when planting or poke holes in potting mix with pencil and add Natra-Store 100mm Pots- 1 Table Spoon 200mm Pots- 2 Table Spoons Hanging Baskets – 3 Table spoons Soak pots to charge and re soak after 4 hours. Re-apply every four months Garden Beds – Poke holes toward root area of plants or mix in with top soil. 1 - 2 Handfuls per square metre. For Best Results, Soak area to charge and re soak after 4 hours. Mulch heavily if possible. Hydrophobic Mulch:- Apply 1 handful per square metre and rake deeply into mulch. Form depressions in mulch to retain water on garden bed. Lawns:- A perfect medium for laying Turf. Rake into top soil up to 100 grms (1 handful) per square metre thick and apply turf. Apply 100 grms per square metre at renovation. Commercial:- Apply 1 Tonne per Hectare Sizes:- 4 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kg, Bulk



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