See Spray Dye - 1 Litre RED

Non Toxic, Fully Bio Degradable DYE

Being able to SEE where you are spraying liquids is paramount to ensuring you get maximum effectiveness from your sprays and SEE Spray™ is a non toxic dye you can add to all your foliar sprays.

Whether you are spraying fertilizers, soil conditioners, pesticides, fungicides or even for temporarily marking sports field or landscape jobs, SEE Spray is a fast, easy, additive so you can see where you apply your liquids. SEE Spray is a water soluble, highly concentrated dye that lends itself to mixing with nearly all liquid products and is available in three colours. BLUE, RED and GREEN

Use BLUE for areas where more subtle colour differences are required, like the temporary marking of turf or for spot spraying on parks or gardens.

 An even coat of GREEN over turf will actually enhance the appearance of the lawn if it is patchy or brown. Use on plant foliage to indicate where you have applied your spray but understand that the spray will discolour foliage so do not use if you are close to harvest of fruit, veggies or flowers.

 Use RED for maximum contrast to unsprayed areas. Use on crops or with herbicides to avoid over spraying costing money, or gaps in spraying that will require costly follow-ups. Excellent in high vegetation, long grass or forestry areas when applying herbicide. Perfect for line marking on sports fields or on soil prior to landscaping.

SEE Spray™ is non toxic and is suitable for use in parks and gardens and near streams and waterways, As a tip, use Spray Aid™, wetter sticker to enhance your spray applications and to ensure maximum effectiveness of your product.


-- Easy, convenient application

-- Essential when spraying herbicides.

-- Excellent for marking sports fields

-- Cost effective – highly concentrated.

-- Will not harm soil, plants and microbes

-- Can be applied with liquid fertilisers.

-- BLUE and RED for easy identification

-- GREEN to colour patchy TURF



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